Reputation Management

Reputation Management can be an awful experience because of search engines. No matter how bad things get, it will continue to be a matter of great importance. Vulnerable groups are under vicious attack online. We’ve seen too many incidences of cyber-bullying, culminating with a presidential election of 2016 that is the dirtiest in decades. I began this post in 2014, to write about personal experience, already 5-years afterwards, I witnessed a Hillary Clinton being attacked with fake news exactly like I had been. Her problems were on a much larger scale. Now that I’m updating this post in 2017 (Halloween), social media platforms are being called in front of Senate hearings on the matter. My small case of being harassed by fake news was a mere unheeded-warning of things to come from years ago. I’m not hopeful things will change.

From New York Times: “At first, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it was ‘crazy’ to think his company helped spread fake news. Then, it came out that Russian-linked accounts bought thousands of politically divisive ads during the campaign and created fake Facebook pages that pushed content to at least 126 million users. Oh, oops. Russian agents also uploaded more than 1,000 political videos to YouTube (which Google owns). And tens of thousands of Russian bots tweeted election-related content and fake news. Today, lawyers from all three companies testify in front of Congress.”

Fresh Bread!

For this Holiday, I took it upon myself to bake fresh bread from scratch. I have a lively starter in the fridge, and made some dough. I plan to bake using a new stone in the oven. Since this post was first placed, I’ve come a long way. This update (Halloween, 2017) marks a moment after when I was recently able to show off my new skills in bread making to my mom, who visited two weeks ago. She told me she’s booked a new flight to come back for more of my fresh bread. Success!