Reputation Management

Reputation Management with search engines has been terribly unfortunate, and it continues to be a matter of great importance. Vulnerable groups are under vicious attack online. We’ve seen too many incidences of cyber-bullying, culminating with a presidential election of 2016 that is the dirtiest in decades. I began this piece differently in 2014, already 5-years after my own experience being bullied and attacked with fake news. It was fake news that caught blame for the outcome of electing Trump president.

Twitter took action and began purging user accounts that belong to right-wing hate groups and their leaders. I hope it helps, even when it comes as too little, too late. Facebook and Google have not yet announced they will do the same. I had to ask my perpetrator, Jeremy Shoemaker, to take down his fake news posts about me. He agreed. I’m very grateful he did as I asked. It made 2015 a bit easier for me, although I expect more hateful things to come at me in the future.