Reputation Management

It’s time I put in a little effort back into doing some blogging again. I’ve had an interesting experience blogging in the past, and used various tools. WordPress has ultimately become the de facto platform for it, although I’ve blogged with everything from Blogger to MoveableType.

Since all the business has gone to WordPress, as Director of a Web Development department that works in WordPress a lot, I’ve decided to kick up a few blogs so I can experiment with the WordPress Codex. Its wild popularity makes Wordpress the biggest target for hackers and scary plugins. I’ll write my own

The latest version of WordPress (4.1) is a good security upgrade, and I began making small changes to the default 2015 theme. The goal is to fully wrap my head around WordPress as it represents a huge portion of the business world. It’s also nifty in that I can go about it while looking into fixing up my search listings.

Reputation Management in the search engines is, for better or worse, something that effects a lot people, including me. I’ve also gone ahead as part of a new effort to manage my listings, to reach out and ask Jeremy Shoemaker to take down his post about me. It’s a start that may make my 2015 a bit easier.

I’ll share WordPress code tricks I think are helpful.